mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

This is Halloween!

Hi dear tea lovers,

Today's one of my favorite days: the Witch (I was going to write *bitch!) and monsters day!
How was your Halloween?
I haven't really done much.. I've carved a pumpkin, driven my Vespa under a thunderstorm after an afternoon tea with a friend (scary and annoying with all that water slapping my face around), ordered Chinese take-out and watched (again) Gossip Girl with my sis..
A nice Halloween.. And the house's smelling like Chinese food - my God, now I'm hungry again -!

Btw, has organized a project called "Spookbook" just for Halloween.
I'm posting some of my favorites looks here:

Hope you've enjoyed your day too!

Happy Halloween,

PS: This is the pumpkin my sis and me carved;

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