sabato 20 ottobre 2012

"And who I am? That's a secret I'll never tell"

Good evening,
just finished watching some episodes of Gossip Girl with my sis, at least 5!
Omg, I think I'm gonna dream of it tonight..
In my opinion, that bunch of weirdos from the Upper East Side they all live a terrible life, but I can't help envying them for their amazing clothes!
Ah, wish I could go shopping (and not being stuck at home studying for my Philosophy test)..

By the way, what did you guys do tonight? Party, Cinema, Pub night?

We ate that much Chinese takeout that now I feel like bursting.. Wish we hadn't (it is just too good, it's impossible to resist)!

I'll post here my latest look from, check out my profile if you feel like doing so!

Good night and enjoy the rest of your day;

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