mercoledì 21 novembre 2012

"Neath the curse of this lover's eye"

"Well, love was kind for a time
Now just aches and it makes me blind

This mirror holds my eyes too bright
I can't see the others in my life

Were we too young? Our heads too strong?
To bear the weight of these lover's eyes.
'Cause I feel numb, beneath your tongue
Beneath the curse of these lover's eyes.

But do not ask the price I paid,
I must live with my quiet rage,
Tame the ghosts in my head,
That run wild and wish me dead.
Should you shake my ash to the wind
Lord, forget all of my sins
Oh, let me die where I lie
Neath the curse of my lover's eyes.

'Cause there's no drink or drug I've tried
To rid the curse of these lover's eyes
And I feel numb, beneath your tongue
Your strength just makes me feel less strong

But do not ask the price I paid,
I must live with my quiet rage,
Tame the ghosts in my head,
That run wild and wish me dead.
Should you shake my ash to the wind
Lord, forget all of my sins
Or let me die where I lie
Neath the curse of my lover's eyes.

And I'll walk slow, I'll walk slow
Take my hand, help me on my way.
And I'll walk slow, I'll walk slow
Take my hand, I'll be on my way.

And I'll walk slow, I'll walk slow
Take my hand, help me on my way.
And I'll walk slow, I'll walk slow
Take my hand, I'll be on my way"

Yesterday night I was so inspired by this song, Lover's eye by Mumford & Sons.


sabato 17 novembre 2012

Remember today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

Well, hello there guys,

I haven't been posting in a while, being so busy studying for my tests (day and night, damned school).
The picture in black and white represents a Rolleiflex Camera, one of my biggest dream!

It is so vintage and romantic, isn't it?

By the way, I've got a fantastic photo of Lubeck, Northern Germany, sent via MMS by my father just this morning:

...and some questions about how you have been and about your weekend~

Personally, I kind of have no idea of what to do (even though I'm longing for some Vodka and Japanese food).

Maybe some kind of Alcoholic Japanese Party?

Would you like to join me?
Or what other plans do you guys have for today and tomorrow?

lunedì 5 novembre 2012

All roads lead to Rome

Good morning,

How has your weekend been?
I enjoyed mine quite a lot and now my wardrobe's bursting, I bought so much new stuff!
I have been to Rome with my family to celebrate my Mum's birthday. More or less 6 hours by car from my place, tiring!
Such a nice long-weekend :)

Have you ever been to Rome?
And what have you done during the weekend?

Here there are some pictures of my trip (just a few of them, I'm too lazy to post all of them);

venerdì 2 novembre 2012

Questionnaire: How's your Fall?

Hi friends,

Here it is the first Questionnaire, "How's your Fall?", and Stina L. is the first girl who I had a tea with..

Goodmorning, how are you today?
Good morning, I’m fine, thanks. Just got done with my homework.

Well, let’s start.. First of all, do you like Tea?
Yes, and probably I like it slightly too much. My favourite flavour is Vanilla, and I always have it with lots of milk…and sugar!

…and coffee? (I know, weird questions for a questionnaire)
Yes, but maybe a bit less than I used to. Last summer I ‘accidentally’ drank way too much Turkish coffee… afterwards I felt so sick!

Have you already started feeling the urge to drink hot chocolate and to wear warm sweaters? How’s the weather at your place?
Oh my God, yes! I live it Italy too and the weather is too hot! It seems summer! It’s unbelievable that it’s actually November!
I’m tired of T-shirts and fans.. Need a break.
Luckily the rainy season has started;

What’s your favourite season? Why?
My favourite season is, obviously, autumn. It gives me that nostalgic feeling that I love. And, moreover, in October there is my birthday ~
And isn’t that reddish colour of the leaves beautiful?

Would you like this to be a warm or a chilly Fall?
Definitely a freezing cold Fall, with all those rainy days that makes you feel a bit dizzy, and that lovely smell of wet and grass… Ah, can’t wait.

Which is the autumn piece of clothing you like the most in your wardrobe? Can you attacha photo of it?
I don’t know, really.. I do have a shirt that I like more than others. It’s gray, a deep shade of gray, and it has such a cute pick owl on the front.
I always wear it when I feel a bit down and it gives me a rather cozy feeling.

Do you suffer from Meteoropathy? Does your mood change depending on the weather?
Yes, when it’s raining outside I’m usually calm, happy and relaxed; on the other hand, when it’s kind of warm I become awfully irritable, stressed and immediately tired.

Another weird question: Do you own a pet? If so, what kind of animal is it? What’s its name? And does it like to snuggle up during the cold fall days?
Yeah, she’s an old grumpy dog; her name is Pallina (that in Italian means ‘small ball’) and, oh God, she’s the laziest dog on the world! She’s a small and quite antisocial dog, and way too full of herself to come and snuggle up with me ahahah

What do you usually do during the weekend when it’s really cold outside? Do you stay at home or do you long to go out and breathe the freezy air?
Even when it’s not raining, I’m not really a ‘go-out’ type, I’d rather stay at home with my sister, laying on the sofa, drinking milky tea (and my sister always makes it smell like Cinnamon, damn her!). We’re definitely more the ‘movie-lover’ kind of family.

In your opinion, is there a perfect pair oh shoes for the autumn season? Which?
Yes, and I’m absolutely sure that they are my high heeled brogues from Timberland.
They have that soft and warm-like colour, and I always imagine myself wearing them on a rainy day, walking down the street alone, like in a film, ahahah!

The questionnaire is nearly over, can you tell me something about yourself?
Well, I’m Christina, from a cute town in the South of Italy, I live there with my family (including my lazy dog, of course). I like living there and I probably wouldn’t like living somewhere else.
However, my dream is to travel around the world and visit some of my favourite cities.
Maybe one day, I’ll eventually make it come true.. Who knows!

What will you do after having answered to all these questions?
Nothing, as I said before I’ve just finished my homework. I’ll probably catch up my sister in her room, annoy her some more and then enjoy the great view of her angry red face (just kidding, I’m not that mean!)

 And that's all from Stina and Me,

Have a good day!

mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

This is Halloween!

Hi dear tea lovers,

Today's one of my favorite days: the Witch (I was going to write *bitch!) and monsters day!
How was your Halloween?
I haven't really done much.. I've carved a pumpkin, driven my Vespa under a thunderstorm after an afternoon tea with a friend (scary and annoying with all that water slapping my face around), ordered Chinese take-out and watched (again) Gossip Girl with my sis..
A nice Halloween.. And the house's smelling like Chinese food - my God, now I'm hungry again -!

Btw, has organized a project called "Spookbook" just for Halloween.
I'm posting some of my favorites looks here:

Hope you've enjoyed your day too!

Happy Halloween,

PS: This is the pumpkin my sis and me carved;

domenica 28 ottobre 2012

Cities, as dreams, are made of desires and fears

Good evening dears,

I know it's been a while, but I'm quite busy with exams and tests at the moment - dreadful -!
In fact, tonight I'll eventually study until late.. Oh my, can't stand it anymore!

Btw, this morning I was skimming Elle - magazine that I love - and found an article about my beloved Helsinki

I haven't been there even once yet (what a scandal!) but I've always wanted to. Moreover, the article kept on going on about Helsinki being the 'Capital of Design' and probably the next 'Most Liveable City', and made me want to book a flight even more!

Conclusion: I'm planning a trip to Helsinki (and maybe Saint Petersburg and the Baltic capitals) for next summer! 

Then, here there are some other cities I'm yearning to visit:

Saint Petersburg




(I know it doesn't match a lot with the upper ones but it's still a dream of mine)

What about you? Are you planning to go somewhere?
What's your dream city?