domenica 28 ottobre 2012

Cities, as dreams, are made of desires and fears

Good evening dears,

I know it's been a while, but I'm quite busy with exams and tests at the moment - dreadful -!
In fact, tonight I'll eventually study until late.. Oh my, can't stand it anymore!

Btw, this morning I was skimming Elle - magazine that I love - and found an article about my beloved Helsinki

I haven't been there even once yet (what a scandal!) but I've always wanted to. Moreover, the article kept on going on about Helsinki being the 'Capital of Design' and probably the next 'Most Liveable City', and made me want to book a flight even more!

Conclusion: I'm planning a trip to Helsinki (and maybe Saint Petersburg and the Baltic capitals) for next summer! 

Then, here there are some other cities I'm yearning to visit:

Saint Petersburg




(I know it doesn't match a lot with the upper ones but it's still a dream of mine)

What about you? Are you planning to go somewhere?
What's your dream city?


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  1. Lovely cities...unortunately I haven't been in anyone of them(it's a shame!)

    But I'd love to go to Sydney,Rio de Janeiro,New York,Oslo,Moscow and drive a car around Tuscani in Italy... <3