giovedì 18 ottobre 2012

Now, Tea with me..

Good evening there!
This is my first blog and I really haven't got much to say.
I just wanted to slowly introduce "Tea with Me" and tell you something about me (even though it's nowhere even close to exciting).
I had been thinking about creating a blog for a while when I had the idea of actually doing it.
I guess you could call this a double-writer blog, since I'll randomly ask some questions to random people by email, and then post here they're answers. Something like a column in a newspaper :)
I'd like to exchange addresses too and then publish quotes from the letters I would receive.
I'de be more than pleased to have new Pen-Friends who to write with!
By the way, I'm Sara, I live in South Italy... My nationality's quite an issue though.
I'm half Swedish and half Italian (and a little bit Finnish too). I was born in Stockholm and raised in Italy and my Swedish is, unfortunately, quite bad.. If any Swede wants to write me, please, teach me some more of my native language 'cause my dad's always repeating that it's a 'scandal'! ;)
Oh, and I'm kind of addicted to tea (and instant coffee), so, if you have anything to suggest: a strange taste of tea or a delicious cakes to have it with, feel free to comment!


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